Another Pet Peeve: Song lyric statuses


Hello there.  It has been an age since the last time I posted, but I guess the allure of comics just became too much today because I woke up and HAD TO POST SOMETHING. And here we are.  Song lyrics as a facebook status.

Yea, I know this is hardly groundbreaking news, but people post an awful lot of song lyrics as statuses and I find this confusing. I’ve never had anyone come out and quote me a song lyric when I ask them about their day, so I really don’t understand how anyone can select a seemingly random lyric and decide that it’s somehow significant enough to quote as a status.  Since most song lyrics on their own sound incredibly depressing, my usual response to a lyric-status is something along the lines of “OH my goodness, are you ok? That emo song lyric you just statused implied that you were either severely depressed or in need of an iTunes makeover. Let me know ASAP because I am sweating over here”. Now why on earth would you want to stress me out like this if you’re just enamored with a particular song?

If this lyric is SO SIGNIFICANT, then why not write a sentence to explain. For example “I hope to hear this song tonight while I’m out on the town getting waaaaaaasted”, or, alternatively. “I enjoy listening to this song as a way to get through my otherwise unimportant tasks whilst I’m unemployed, and I think you might like it too.”. Ohhhh – now I see what you mean, AND can respond appropriately! Now that wasn’t so hard, was it?


A little shower-art to appease the masses

What is shower art? Well I guess this kind of is. I’m pretty busy these days with my final papers for all of my classes, so instead of doing comics (which can be stressful to be honest), I’ve been working on my Wreck this Journal. It’s the greatest form of stress relief EVER. This page is just one example of the joy its brought me. I coloured it with water-colour markers and then took it into the shower (well sat it on the shelf in the shower – out of direct spray, but it still got pretty soaked). And voila – instant rubber-ducky art.

Hope you like!

And watch out for more comics coming soon. Well as soon as I get my brain back in order from all these papers!


I’ve visited so many wastewater facilities that I’ve lost count…

This one is based on a conversation with my dear friend @tianafeng, who never ceases to amaze the world with her imagination. Seriously, why does everyone’s mind go straight to thoughts of poop when I say that I’m visiting a wastewater treatment facility? Oh wait… I get it now.

But seriously, I bet there aren’t too many people who get to visit Scottish sewage treatment facilities while studying abroad. I’m just a lucky lady.

Anway, I’ve got to get back to procrastinating.


A mood outlook for your favourite Grad student

So it’s the last couple of weeks of school, which means deadlines deadlines DEADLINES.  As you might have guessed, this has my little grad student heart all a-racing, and my mood flittering between super overjoyed at the prospect of vacation, and hell-bent on the destruction of anyone who gets too close to my mess of assorted papers. Grad school really does have it’s ups and downs, and let’s face it, I live for this kind of stress.

So basically my life is now focused around make-believe management plans and lab reports for experiments that didn’t quite go as they were suppose to. My comics are beginning to reflect that.

I feel that today’s comic really reflects the crazy that we all feel when deadlines loom. And classmates won’t stop bugging you. And Profs expect you to read their minds. You know, the stressful part of Grad school that keeps us all going. I’m not the most approachable person in the world, and I think that people around me would really benefit from an up to the moment outlook on my current mood-status, so they could know when to flee and when to come around for the mystical hugs and manic baking. But since there is no such tool, I guess you’re all going to have to play it by ear. Good luck.

So yea, look out for some sporadically posted, poorly drawn comics over the course of the next couple of weeks.